Category: SEO

Why is Anchor Text Important?

If you’ve spent even a little time looking into SEO, or read any of the other Hive19 blogs, then you’ll be well versed in the important role links have in...

How SEO and Link Building Work Together to Create Stellar Results

When SEO was in its infancy, the ranking of web pages depended on the keywords used within a page’s content, and almost nothing else. Since then, the inception of PageRank...

Should Backlinks be part of your SEO strategy

Why Backlinks should be part of your SEO Strategy

Backlinks are what makes SEO strategies succeed. In fact, backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. They are like the bread and butter of SEO, increasing search ranking...

Build Topical Authority

Creating and Building Topical Authority

Topical authority is an SEO term that suggests your website is seen, in the eyes of Google and other search engines, as an authoritative source of information dedicated to a...

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