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Step 1. Discovery

Assessing the landscape

Assessing the backlink profiles of the competitors provided in the questionnaire, and by conducting expert, data-driven research, we will identify the most relevant, authoritative publication opportunities in the industry.

Step 2. Remediation

Tidy up loose ends

Active profiles require maintenance. Whether that be broken links to your domain, unlinked brand mentions or spam links that need to be disavowed. Building upon a solid foundation is essential to get maximum value from a campaign.

Step 3. The Register

Authority & Relevance weighting

We add the newly identified third party sites to our Register which has many thousand websites in, acquired over decades of combined research. Relevant authority metrics are imported from third party softwares and given an importance weighting, alongside our manual relevancy score

Over 40 authority metrics (from DR to country-level traffic) are considered, along with industry and client relevance to create the HiveRank: a list of the best possible opportunities for your campaign. This also forms our three tiers: Premium, Supreme & Ultimate.

Step 4. Content Pitch

Campaign Creation

Using the bespoke version of HiveRank created just for you, our writers and outreachers will now create the campaign roadmap.

Combining the requirements of the campaign and each individual third party website, our outreachers will begin to pitch and work with each unique editor to provide stunning content that naturally references the content on your website.

This process of alignment and patient outreach delivers the best, most relevant publications that will build topical authority and drive up the rankings of the referred page and your domain in general

Step 5. Active Profile Monitoring

Maintain a clean, optimised profile

The work in steps 1 & 2 is not a one off, and needs to be maintained - particularly as the profile grows through the campaign. Our exclusive Active Profile Monitoring is a real time maintenance of your profile, keeping a tight grip on every backlink to and from your domain.

Enjoy a more powerful, authoritative web presence with greater visibility.

Hive19 were good enough to help out with a recent charity project in Brighton. Within days of the new website going live the team had tracked down some opportunities of high authority backlinks for the charity (from other related and relevant websites). A big Thank You goes out to Aaron and his team for their support with this project.

- Ricci Masero | White Rabbit Consultancy

Our Work

We are very proud of the impact made on our clients’ websites and the results we have achieved.

Tracking over 40 authority metrics for client websites and every link we’ve ever built, we are proud to share that the last quarter our clients’ average authority metrics increased by 21%.

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