Relevance underpins everything when creating topical authority for your brand. Creative keyword-led research helps us find opportunities to earn coverage, fuel organic rankings, and drive relevant leads.


Global SaaS brands partner with us to earn topical coverage and boost their search rankings. As a powerful extension of your SEO team, we free you up to focus on your core marketing strategies and deliver on your KPIs.


Building authority for the future starts with topically-relevant coverage that improves over time. This foundational approach will fuel a sustainable flow of organic traffic now and into the future.


Passionate about driving genuine change in equality, diversity and inclusion, we foster an inclusive work culture where uniqueness and individuality are celebrated. Hive19 is committed to promoting and delivering equal opportunities in the workplace.

Guaranteed deliverables

Topically relevant publications are everything to us, and the only thing you’ll see on your invoice. We don’t charge setup fees, monthly retainers or anything else. Just the number of publications ordered, which are guaranteed.

HiveRank® System

Gain access to our exclusive website analysis and campaign planning tool, HiveRank®. We identify and assess over 25k opportunities every single month, keeping our focus on high authority topical relevance – fueling growth and creating brand exposure.

Expert content

Exclusive websites require expert content, and there’s no substitute. We partner with industry specialists in the UK, US and beyond to provide high quality editorials in the style and tone of each individual publisher.

Ultimate campaign

Take control of your link building campaign with consummate ease. Simply sign off on warm leads and editorial content every month, then sit back and reap the benefits of long term organic growth and topical authority. Let us do the hard work, with minimal input required.

Shared workspace

Email, Slack, Google Workspace and so much more. We’re embedded into the teams of our clients & partners and thrive on clear communication channels. Collaboratively share ideas and be kept up to date of every progression across your campaign, as it happens.

Monthly tracking

Understand your website’s growth and your campaign success using our exclusive HiveRank® system. From the first day of your campaign until the last, Hive19 will track your domain along with every publication URL for over 45 metrics.

Hive19 has helped our small charity to turn a corner in terms of recognition and funding. We are very grateful that our new website, and Hive19's profile building, are really starting to reap benefits in terms of fundraising capability.

Mimi Spencer - St Anne's Day Centre

Mimi Spencer