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Hive19 is a link building agency, working with internal SEO & PR teams, and digital marketing agencies to achieve long term authority and organic search visibility for clients. We provide targeted, bespoke link building services which power SEO strategies, trusted by Fintech, SaaS, and online businesses where organic results drive revenue.

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Our link building services focus on quality over quantity, using customised outreach to create relationships with topically relevant publishers. There are no shortcuts, it’s a meticulous and continuous process of researching, pitching and producing quality content that both journalists and website editors want to feature, and real audiences want to engage with.

Few businesses produce content that consistently attracts the type of backlinks that will drive improved rankings naturally. We work closely with our clients to create insightful, thought provoking and SEO-led content that the most relevant, authoritative websites in the industry want to publish and share.

With Hive19, you can benefit from the highest quality research, content and outreach to secure placements on publications that will build your authority and increase sales. From identification through assessment, and pitching through earned link coverage – it’s an investment of time and process that requires expertise, creativity and persistence. 

Our clients would certainly agree, with many doubling, trebling or even ten-folding authority metrics, rankings and traffic during campaigns. 


Having used Hive19 for some large scale SEO campaigns for my clients I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody looking to improve SEO performance. They are incredibly knowledgeable, and having worked in SEO for many years, they are the first link building agency I have found that will actually provide links that are relevant to your industry and will make a difference to performance.

Tom Hart | Account Director | KAU Media Group

Why do I need link building services?

The benefits of Hive19’s backlink building include:

  • Increased authority to power ranking improvements
  • Building topical relevance to drive traffic and assist long-tail keyword terms
  • Direct and engaged traffic from relevant publications
  • Unique brand visibility and presence building

Backlinks are crucial to how Google finds, indexes and ranks your website. In order to help search engines locate your page, and classify it correctly – its relationship with other websites are absolutely critical. High quality links from niche-relevant websites are the currency that helps drive improved rankings and greater traffic levels. 

Link Building Statistics

High quality digital PR agencies and link builders will work with you to create a strategy that will attract the types of backlinks that make a difference. Safely and creatively executing a content marketing plan with precision, bringing about the powerful associations from relevant websites that drive up rankings – and increase traffic to your website through greater topical authority. 

This is not a quick process, but one that requires deep thought, expert analysis, creative pitching and professional content generation. Quick fixes to game the system will not stand the test of time.

Who do we provide link building services to?

At our core we are link builders, growth strategists and reputation managers. We love working with clients who are equally as creative, data-driven and passionate about growth as we are. Working alongside both international and UK based SEO managers, marketing agencies and business owners, we manage backlink profiles as a whole to drive progress.

Proud members of BIMA, DAN, Hubspot, Cluth and 99firms

Hive19 is not a full service SEO company, we are a boutique agency providing expert link building services with creative precision. We work with knowledgeable clients who understand how influential quality backlinks are, and how difficult they are to achieve. Close collaboration with us allows expert SEO teams to fully outsource the link building activity, focus on other work – and ensure that maximum impact is gained.

Building high powered links and successfully raising the topical authority of well optimised pages is a marketing strategy that will drive improved rankings, and result in greater volumes of traffic over time.

You’ll gain access to a tailored workspace that includes the link metrics that are most important to you and your KPIs. From the discovery phase and expert assessment, through to the final link coverage and link success tracking, you can influence campaigns and with clarity of progress along every step. 

With our flagship product, the Ultimate Campaign, we offer pre approval of both the target websites and the feature writer’s articles to give our clients complete control and signoff at every step.

The results of this engagement have been excellent thus far. Hive19 leads a smooth workflow, providing regular updates and feedback to my client. In proceeding with tasks, the team is always punctual and mindful of the budget. My client has nothing but praise for them. 

James Hubbard | SEO Consultant

How do we provide link building services?

For each of our clients we follow a proven methodology that creates impact and results:

Discovery Phase

Phases of services

The discovery phase is your chance to share with us the details about your business, website, marketing history and what you’d like to achieve with Hive19’s link building services.

Targeted Research

The keywords and phrases that we agree to focus on for your campaign will underpin the campaign’s continuous research. Target keywords act as the foundation for finding opportunities, helping to create and enhance your brand’s online presence.

Expert Assessment

Every month, our in-house researchers identify over 25,000 opportunities to be assessed by our link prospect team for relevance, authority and viability. Combining information gathered in the Discovery Phase with data driven insight and creative ideation – we seek out the most lucrative opportunities for clients on powerful and highly relevant websites.

Sites that pass our manual checks are passed through the exclusive HiveRank system, which brings real time API data from the best SEO link building software in the industry. These include Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, ScreamingFrog and more – and are combined with a series of further manual checks. This assessment of the fundamentals and finer credentials accurately identifies what makes a good website – and a sound link building opportunity.

Weighted scores are given to headline metrics such as Domain Rating, Trust Flow and country-level traffic – as well as the many manual checks (including linked domains, traffic spikes, link graphs and assessing the E-A-T values). As a result, a refined, completely bespoke list of the best opportunities for the campaign are produced monthly.

Creative Pitching

Using the assessed lists, campaign managers pitch to selected sites and work with individual editors to create the content for their editorial calendars – using professional writers to create stunning content that will naturally reference multiple sources as resourceful material – including your desired web page.

Bespoke Content and Edits

Using the brief set by the third party site and guidelines provided by Hive19, our expert writers will create a bespoke editorial using industry knowledge and expert research. Naturally referencing your webpage, along with many other resource links – the media rich article is signed over to the ownership of the publisher, to be featured as a normal post on their website – free from ‘guest post’, ‘advertorial’ or ‘sponsored’ tags. 

Our Campaigns

Once a backlink has been earned, we track all of the key metrics outlined in the HiveRank system for every piece of link coverage achieved for your website. Monthly link success tracking demonstrates the power, value and long term growth of the third party page that hosts your backlink, and the impact it has on your domain / target page.

Would you like to know how authoritative your website is, and if our link building services would help take your rankings to the next level? Request our free authority check

Types of link building services

Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

  • Step 1: Site Identification
  • Step 2: Site Assessment
  • Step 3: Viability
  • Step 4: Contact Identification
  • Step 5: The Pitch
  • Step 6: The Content and Edits

Providing valuable, optimised content to real businesses’ websites via guest posting allows us to build natural references to our clients from related websites in the industry. Like all marketing activities, there are good versions of this – and bad. We specialise in working closely with editors to provide editorials that seamlessly fit with their brand voice and editorial calendar.

There are many sites set up explicitly to accept guest posts and charge a fee – also known as private blog networks (PBNs) – which we would never recommend using as part of a sustainable link building campaign. A link from these sites is at best ignored, and at worst potentially harmful. We provide professional content to real businesses, and build relationships with individual editors at each site, who trust us to produce the highest standard of content that will perform for their website, while at the same time sending maximum value to yours from the natural link inclusion.

Digital PR 

  • Step 1: Site Identification
  • Step 2: Site Assessment
  • Step 3: Viability
  • Step 4: Contact Identification
  • Step 5: The Pitch
  • Step 6: Key Player Identification
  • Step 7: Expert Comment Request
  • Step 8: The Content

Unlike other Digital PR agencies out there doing great work in this field, we have a unique spin on this activity that is slightly different – and more closely aligned to our core offering. 

Utilising our network of journalists, website editors and business owners – Hive19 collaboratively creates longform content by bringing together highly respected and well followed experts for unique insight.

Identifying key players in an industry and seeking them out for comment, we seek to ensure maximum exposure by building expert analysis reviews from those in the know. Published on the most authoritative, topically relevant websites in the niche – commenters not only enjoy the benefit of the earned coverage / exposure, but also share and promote as a result – providing maximum benefit to our clients.

Unlinked Brand Mentions and Editorial Link Placements

  • Step 1: Mention Identification
  • Step 2: Site Assessment
  • Step 3: Viability
  • Step 4: Contact Identification
  • Step 5: Update Request

Active online profiles regularly receive citations from third party websites, without the true value being recognised in the form of a backlink. Active profile management aims to gain maximum exposure from the valuable mentions, converting citations into backlinks and providing authority and ‘link juice’ to the website, on top of the PR exposure.

Hive19 performs monthly checks for mentions, positive and negative, to ensure that the online profile is maintained, enhanced and in the strongest possible position to grow. 

Reactive Link Building

  • Step 1: Request Identified
  • Step 2: Opportunity Assessment
  • Step 3: Expert Comment Created
  • Step 4: Submission to Journalist
  • Step 5: Feature in Editorial

External journalists require expert input every day to write editorials, citing opinion and statistics where your business could provide value. This reactive approach to link building provides an additional and powerful backlink building brand exposure opportunity. 

With tight deadlines and steep competition, reactive link building from industry leaders including HARO, Qwote and Media Matchmaker is a powerful ally alongside the campaign. 

Why choose Hive19 as your link building service provider?

Guaranteed deliverables

Campaigns have no setup fees, they are simply built on the agreed number of publications that you wish to achieve each month.

We don’t work with PBNs or sites set up specifically to accept guest posts for commercial gain. We provide content to authoritative third party sites that in turn helps them to rank for targeted terms. We guarantee that each article will be live for a minimum of 12 months and to date, less than 0.01% are no longer live. 

Ultimate Campaigns: Control of both editorial and publishers

The majority of clients trust us to execute the most impactful strategy for their business. However, some of our larger clients opt for our flagship product, the Ultimate Campaign, where we work collaboratively with SEO managers who want to maintain control of content, coverage and mentions.

Ultimate campaigns benefit from a bespoke, shared workspace where pre-approval of each editorial link building opportunity is required in order to progress to the next step. A complete overview of the target terms and desired pages to be linked are clearly communicated – with regular feedback calls and instant notifications of status changes.


The HiveRank system

We decided, after decades of combined research into websites and their respective authority metrics – to build a bespoke tool that would do the heavy lifting and give a blended score to each opportunity. Whilst the headline figures (DR, TF, Traffic etc) are a mainstay, the true value of a link opportunity is debatable amongst different link builders. 

HiveRank was designed to minimise that debate, making it more of a science than an art. Importing up-to-date API metrics from industry software, we track over 45 different data points for thousands of websites every single month.

Metrics in isolation mean very little, but when combined and cross-referenced at monthly intervals with campaign objectives, provide a clear roadmap – and a strategy to work with the strongest and most relevant sites for our clients. 

Shared workspace with progress tracking

Whether you are a client who prefers an update every now and again, or an eager beaver who wants an instant notification the moment a publication goes live – our shared workspace is designed to keep you informed. The workspace underpins communication, with up to the minute tracking of every publication through every stage.

Monthly tracking

The HiveRank system not only assesses websites and web pages before we build links, but also after we do too – for both client websites and the third party publishers. Domain Rating, URL Rating, Trust Flow, Traffic Value, Keywords, Topical Trust Flow and so much more are tracked every month – providing insight into how certain topics perform, how authority is passed from certain sites, and which topics perform best in each niche or industry. 

Link building is one part of organic SEO and we wouldn’t claim all of the increases are due to this activity alone, as we work alongside very talented SEO and PR managers.  However, through tracking the same metrics from day one right the way through the campaign we are able to demonstrate positive and negative trends to inform future content marketing efforts and budgets.

In House vs. Outsourcing Link Building

Just like every other activity in the marketing of, or running of a business, asking yourself ‘should I outsource my link building’ is a very valid question – and an important decision to make. 

Whilst keeping it in-house will of course offer the greatest level of control and input, will it prove cost-effective in the long run? Outsourcing to a respected link building service provider that is open to working collaboratively, and welcomes input will not only save you the most time – but also provide the highest return on investment. A specialist agency will have the greatest access to expertise, journalists, professional writers, publishers and software tools allowing you to focus on other areas of marketing the website.

At Hive19, we work closely with SEO managers, founders and SEO agency owners seeking to outsource link building to a trusted service provider.

Outsourcing to a Link Building Provider

  • Experienced team of researchers, outreachers, writers and journalists
  • Existing contacts across many industries, niches and verticals
  • Access to, and expertise with industry software
  • Fresh perspective and creative input
  • Native speaking network of specialist professional writers across a range of disciplines
  • Up to date with industry best practices in search
  • Proven workflow and processes to produce results for clients
  • Faster results in less time
  • Saves you from making costly mistakes or taking risks with current ranking positions
  • Frees up valuable time to focus on other parts of your business / marketing strategy
  • More affordable than investing in training and internal management of the process
  • Specialist knowledge sharing
  • Scalability to increase coverage
  • Ability to pause or decrease activity freely

In House Link Building

  • In depth understanding of brand and product
  • Complete control of output
  • Ownership of the results achieved
  • No project management time
  • Reduced candidate pool for niche role as an in-house link builder
  • Workflow delays – longer implementation of processes, training, and results
  • Lack of the necessary skills

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge for link building services?

Campaigns are ongoing, charged on a monthly basis. We offer two types of publication Supreme & Ultimate (separated in our HiveRank system, bespoke to your industry). You can choose the volume, with the minimum being one per month. Ultimate Campaigns are priced as a retainer.

How do I track progress?

You will have access to a shared workspace where you will be able to see the progress of each deliverable, via a series of stages. You will also receive updates throughout the campaign, explaining metric increases and other vital information from publications.

What is the turnaround time?

Each website is contacted independently, and each editor works to their own time frame – both in terms of replying, and publishing content. For that reason we cannot ever guarantee a turnaround time, but taking the average number of days across every publication Hive19 has ever produced, it is around 38 days from initial contact.

How long does it take to work?

This really depends on the industry, the volume and the history of the domain. Clients with smaller profiles will see larger gains quicker, whilst more established clients are likely to see sustained growth within higher volume campaigns.

How do you select the right websites for me?

Hive19 identifies and assesses over 25,000 websites every month. Using your target key terms and creatively mapping customer groups, we will find sites in your country, your industry and your niche. From there, our HiveRank system, a weighting system considering over 45 metrics and manual checks will determine the suitability for each publication.

Is my website ready for link building?

This is very important, as an under-optimised website will not see the full benefit of powerful links. Building high quality links that aren’t paid for requires linkable assets, and that means the first place to start any campaign is on your own website. We will learn this before we begin, and wouldn’t start a campaign before your website is ready to earn maximum return on investment.

How do you measure a site’s quality?

With our exclusive HiveRank system. 
Each campaign gets a bespoke Register, relevant to your website. Whilst DR, DA, TF, country level traffic are some of the pillars, the relevancy to your website is unique. So, what makes an Ultimate publication in the Fintech industry is very unlikely to be considered a different industry, such as medical or property. 
The HiveRank system is a complex software that uses up-to-date statistics from API data taken from Ahref, Moz, Majestic, ScreamingFrog – and completed with a series of manual assessment checks.

Do you pay for publishing?

For editorials, no. For advertorials, listings and packages – we share the information with you to determine if it is a desirable marketing spend.

Are links permanent?

Working with real businesses, we are not buying links. We are providing quality content that helps the third party website to rank for terms that align with our client. Therefore, whilst we cannot guarantee that the link will be permanent – we are confident that there is no reason for the site to remove it once published. 
We are proud to guarantee publications will be live for a minimum of 12 months.

Are links followed?

Over 95% of all links ever built by Hive19 are followed. We do not guarantee that links will be followed, but with thousands built – it’s safe to assume the majority will be followed. A 100% followed link profile is unnatural, so the occasional no-follow links from an equally powerful and topically relevant domain is good as part of a natural backlink profile, in our eyes.

Contact us today

We hope that we have covered all bases here for our bespoke editorial link building services, but if you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would welcome the discussion to talk strategy, case studies or anything else you might like to know.

Hive19 has helped our small charity to turn a corner in terms of recognition and funding. We are very grateful that our new website, and Hive19’s profile building, are really starting to reap benefits in terms of fundraising capability.

- Mimi Spencer | St Anne's Day Centre






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