Why agencies are white labelling link building with Hive19

Why agencies are white labelling link building with Hive19

As a digital agency, you’ll know that well strategised and well paced link building campaigns are essential to the success of your clients. However, within the increasingly competitive content marketing arena, getting the kind of high-quality, authoritative backlinks you need to keep your clients happy can be a challenge at the best of times.

When things get tough, you’ll need an airtight method of link building that can meet the high quality standards that your clients have come to expect.

At Hive19, we’ve been helping a range of agencies hit their targets consistently with an effective and reliable white labelling link building and reputation management service.

If the topic of white label backlinks is completely new to you, or you’ve been searching for the right partner for a while, here’s a guide to help you understand what it is, and the rewards that it can offer you, your agency – and ultimately your clients.

What is ‘white label link building’?

White labelled link building is essentially a way for digital agencies to outsource their link building to another agency, and present this work to their clients as their own. This may be a partnership with regular meetings and updates, or it may be as little as the deliverables plus a “white label” report. This is usually done when an agency is seeking to take on a client account, but is lacking the time or other resources necessary to deliver on their planned campaign.

White label backlink reports will include the deliverables and raw data from a given campaign, and little else. There’ll be no branding, contact info, or other brand-specific content included in the report, allowing the receiving agency to share it with their clients directly.

When hired for white label link building services, a good agency will carry out thorough analysis of the relevant client account, targeting publications that are the most relevant to the end client, and then carry out the hard graft needed to secure the types of links that will make a difference.

Working together with the partner agency, good communication and a clear common goal are essential for measuring the success of both the campaign and the relationship.

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As an agency, if you are outsourcing, you need to trust that the work will be completed to the desired standard, and on time.

Take a look at what agencies are saying about the work we do at Hive19 for their clients:

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The benefits of white labelling link building

White label link building is a long-term solution to achieving powerful backlinks for your clients while you spend your own internal resources elsewhere.

Here we look at some of the benefits of outsourcing this service for agencies.

It Saves Time

When you’re running a digital agency, time is of the essence. Especially with demanding clients who want results yesterday.

Good quality link building, the type that actually really makes an impact on rankings requires a huge investment in time and resource. From the initial research right the way through the outreach and content creation – is immensely time-consuming, and can take your attention away from the sales and marketing initiatives that your agency needs to grow. There’s also no guarantee you’ll be successful in your efforts when you take the work on in-house, where as a good quality link building agency partnership should come with guarantees around the deliverables.

When you invest in white label SEO link building, you’re solving a problem for your time-poor agency, and removing a huge layer of stress and expectation. Link building is not an easy process, and expecting busy staff members to deliver on top of other tasks is unreasonable. When you outsource the manual outreach work to your link building partner, you and your team can focus on the kind of work that will represent immediate growth for your brand.

It has the potential for high profit margins

Like many forms of outsourcing, white labelling link building also has the potential to give you a higher profit margin. A good link building agency that offer a white label service will quote for the work upfront, meaning you can factor this in to your client pitches and tenders – with a healthy margin on top.

On top of this, when you opt for white label link building, you won’t have to account for the time of your in-house team, or time spent creating briefs for your freelancers. The only time investment you’ll have to worry about is the initial search, the briefing of client projects – and the payment of invoices for the work completed.

The time saved here is immeasurable, and can better spent focusing on your core service – along with the added bonus of being able to serve your clients a higher quality of product without the stress or risk of failure in delivering results.

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White labelling link building strategies

Now that we’ve had an overview of white label link building and what it can offer agencies like yours, here’s some of the link building strategies commonly used in white label link building services to help you understand how it can support your agency’s goals.

Content creation

In the early days of SEO, link building was as simple as creating high-quality content for your or your client’s site, sending out a few emails, and then watching the links roll in.

After countless algorithm updates and the changing habits of various potential target audiences though, creating good content isn’t so easy. The content used in modern link building campaigns needs to be timely, display great topical relevance to both the client’s site and the referring domains you’re linking from, and be tailored to the unique browsing habits of a particular audience.

Ticking all these boxes can be tough, especially when you’re limited in your scope or resources. With white label link building, however, you’ll be able to ensure that your link building efforts are supported by high quality, engaging content.

You’ll also be able to leverage the expertise of an agency who’s more well-acquainted with the specific demographic you’re targeting with your campaigns, and whose strategies are backed up by rigorous testing that will help them create the exact kind of content you need to ensure your clients’ success.

After all, you want to be proud to share with your clients where you have achieved coverage and built quality, authority building links to their website from.

Network outreach and development

A good link building campaign begins with research. Well communicated goals and core client data underpin in-depth research to identify relevant, authoritative websites that must then be assessed for opportunity. Everything from relevance and authority metrics through to its viability must be considered, before the meticulous process of outreach and negotiation can begin.

Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, as it were, requires a great investment of time, resource and expertise. From site identification through to its assessment is a very large outlay in data, analysis and administration – a task that very few in-house teams have the capability to execute at the required level.

Another added bonus of working with a specialist agency is the contacts already made with high quality websites. A completely separate entity to Private Blog Networks, which must be avoided, however, a respectable link building agency will have editor and journalist connections that can kickstart a campaign and leverage previous research to build powerful links to your client’s websites.

Competitor site analysis

This is an important activity within a link building campaign, and one where partnering with an expert agency ultimately pays dividends.

Many different software tools play a fundamental role in assessing opportunities and tracking progress, and this is a costly expense to bear in-house.

Partnering with a specialist agency provides instant access to the key metrics and data to not only keep one step ahead within the campaign, but it also affords you the opportunity to provide industry leading insight to share with your clients – every month.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the longest-running link building strategies out there, and for a good reason.

As you’re running a digital marketing agency, you’re probably very familiar with the basic mechanics of guest posting: you come up with a good content idea, you pitch it to a relevant blog, and this acts as a host for a backlink to your client’s site.

As with all proven tactics, there are good and there are bad versions of this. Naturally, you want to deal only in the former – however, this is not easy to decipher, and you can end up walking into the lion’s den.

On the receiving end of such activity, websites are often established purely to benefit from this activity – as a money making exercise. This, of course, is the latter version (bad). A good link building agency does not want to share the website’s linked domains (how many times it links out) with lots of other sites, let alone with spammy or dodgy ones.

A good quality link is from a topically relevant, authoritative website that rarely links out. On the occasion it does link out, it is mainly to other industry-relevant websites that your client would be in good company amongst.

A white label link building agency will have the experience, expertise and tools to separate the wheat from the chaff. They will cut their own path with identification, and create new relationships with websites that probably didn’t even know they accepted guest posts.

What you ultimately want is high quality links from relevant, unspoilt websites. Such websites are welcoming of high quality content that they otherwise might not have had access to – so it is a win-win for all parties.

Of course, there are many well-established high quality websites that regularly accept guest posts – and these can be great. But, a good link building campaign is varied (within the industry / relevant industries), and will appear natural, acquiring traffic driving and authority boosting backlinks that really help power your client’s website up the rankings, alongside the stellar on-site SEO your team is producing.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring another agency for white label link building, we hope this post has cleared up some of the confusion, and helped you decide on the best next steps for your business. You can find more resources and guides in our Marketing hub.

If you’re facing a challenging client account and would like to harness the power of another agency for your campaign, Hive19 offers effective and bespoke white label campaigns for agencies like yours. Get in touch with our link building experts to book a free consultation today!



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