Aaron Thomas

Managing Director

Aaron is the founder of Hive19, specialising in content marketing and the complexities of website authority

Aaron began his career in digital marketing after graduating Bournemouth University in 2009, returning to a franchise of the Extreme Sports channel (Extreme Element) where he’d enjoyed a year’s work placement before his finals in 2008. Managing the website content and social media channels, his love for growing a brand in the digital ecosystem blossomed, and when the company was bought out by an American competitor – it enhanced the challenge of growing multiple brands in international markets.

As well as managing a team that grew organic traffic more 100% year on year, Aaron was instrumental in a Guinness World record (one of the first to be filmed in 3D), securing exclusive partnerships with some of the highest selling experience day providers and growing the social media channels to nearly half a million followers. From here, Aaron joined an up and coming digital marketing agency to head up the digital PR team, where he was responsible for creating and executing the strategy of authority growth for over 100 national and international brands.

During the first lockdown of 2020, Aaron founded Hive19 – a link building agency that would focus on relevance. The MO remains to this day, to be a trusted outsource partner to the SaaS and fintech industry, as well as SEO agencies looking for digital PR support. Using a keyword-led strategy to identify the most relevant, high powered websites to earn coverage from, and fuel the growth of a client’s online presence.

With a profound knowledge of website analysis and many years’ off-page SEO expertise, Aaron sought to be an authority in the world of authority building – providing a sustainable source of high powered coverage and authority boosting backlinks to some of the fastest growing startups in the UK.

The phenomenal rise of Hive19 saw Aaron’s first hire later that year, when Maxine Bremner, an experienced content marketing specialist was recruited as Head of Content Outreach. Together, they have planned and executed the link building strategies for SumUp, Online Mortgage Advisor, Sopro and many, many more brands across the UK and US. Later that year saw Hive19’s second hire, when Louisa Delpy came on board as Operations Director. An experienced professional working for major blue chip companies, Louisa became co-owner with Aaron and built the next wave of systems that power Hive19 today.

Since then, Aaron, Maxine and Louisa have assembled a team of content marketing specialists with a network of professional writers. Together, they have the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented SEO managers in the industry to fuel organic growth. Hive19 are the missing link to your SEO team, and a true outsourced partner embedded in your digital marketing strategy. An active member of the BIMA and Agencynomics community, Aaron is one of the founding partners of the BIMA South Internship programme – an initiative designed to provide work experience to the next generation of digital marketing talent.


BA Hons - Leisure Marketing