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Hive19 Welcomes Digital Marketing Assistant, Imy Hill

Hive19 Welcomes Digital Marketing Assistant, Imy Hill

We sat down with Hive19’s newest team member, Imy Hill to find out how she’s settling into her new role as Digital Marketing Assistant.

Imy joined Hive19 in April 2023, having graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of Birmingham.

Welcome to Hive19, Imy Hill! 🐝

Hi Imy, great to have you on board… let’s discuss a few things about you, your plans and what you think about your time so far at Hive19.

Are you local to Brighton?

No actually! I am from the West Midlands originally. I am really enjoying living in Brighton so far – I love the culture and the energy of the city.

What do you do when you’re not working? Any passions you can tell us about?

Outside of the 9-5, I like to walk to the beach and read novels, catch-up with friends or do something creative, such as drawing or painting! I’m a big rock music fan and I love to collect antiques.

What were you doing before you started your current position?

I previously worked as a Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator at the University of Birmingham. My role was largely based around email management for the postgraduate inboxes, exam booking management, course promotion, advertisement and content creation on a variety of platforms. All of which has proven to be very relevant for my current role at Hive19.

Can you tell us about your new role at Hive19?

I have joined Hive19 as a Digital Marketing Assistant and my new role largely focuses on content and outreach, link building and management and Digital PR. Find out a bit more about me over on my Hive19’s team profile page.

What was it that intrigued you about working in digital marketing?

After working in a role previously that had many overlaps with the field of Digital Marketing, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in this field. I appreciate how fast-paced and broad this sector is, and how there is always room for learning and advancing.

What about Hive19 attracted you specifically?

Its niche offering. Working in such a specialist field really allows for deeper learning. It inspires you to push yourself and to get stuck in. The fact Hive19 is an innovative startup agency with a small team was very appealing to me. It is wonderful to be at the forefront of innovation and growth within the digital marketing industry and the size of the agency allows for the communication to be very open.

It also allows for quicker and advanced learning from colleagues. At Hive19, we have a large client base of Fintech and SaaS clients and as both industries are flourishing at the moment it feels great to be a part of that! Aside from this, the people, their expertise and vast experience in the field was a huge attraction for me.

What surprised you during the first few months on the job?

How exciting and enjoyable it is to be involved in creating authority for our clients. The role is far more creative and collaborative than I expected – which I absolutely love. For example, I am in constant communication with the team regarding various tasks, and It is fantastic to be able to bounce off one another, brainstorm and develop new strategies through collaboration.

It is incredibly motivational to have this level of open communication. The flexibility of the role was also a surprise as we are able to work remotely as and when suitable, which provides us with variety within the working week.

Could you give us a top tip for someone looking to invest in link building?

Invest in high quality links that are topically relevant to your product, business or target audience. Doing this will ensure more organic lead generation to your site, boost your authority and therefore increase your sales.

At Hive19, we place importance on earned media coverage. We do fresh research for all of our clients, including manual and software-informed research. We take pride in ensuring that our work is extremely bespoke and tailored to our individual clients, and if you are looking for backlinks that bring sustainable growth, this is the method that yields the best results.

Give us your top tip for a business contemplating which agency they should join.

Do your research. It is fundamental that you choose an agency that specialises in building high quality and sustainable links that naturally reference your site.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into digital marketing as a career?

Do your research into the field of Digital Marketing if you do not have prior experience. When beginning the process of job applications, try to find an agency or company that places importance on nurturing and training new employees.

What do you think will be the next big thing in digital pr?

Relevance will always play a big role, we’re seeing brand positioning and online acquisition plans as a key motivation when clients seek support in their growth marketing plans and its relation to organic rankings in search. Brands want sustained search rankings presence and online customer acquisition, so I anticipate that hyper relevance with engaged traffic with be the next big thing.

Maxine, Head of Content & Outreach at Hive19, said:

“Imy has contributed to multiple projects and client campaigns since joining the team at Hive19. Demonstrating dedication and proficiency in her role, Imy is already landing impressive coverage for a number of clients. She brings an energy to the team and enthusiasm to the work which has been a joy to see. Imy’s experience in inbox management, workflow organisation, and building relationships with editors continues to be a valuable asset to the team and we look forward to supporting her professional development at Hive19”



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Maxine Bremner

Head of Content & Outreach

Maxine is the content marketing specialist at Hive19, and manages the digital PR strategy for clients

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Maxine is Head of Content & Outreach

and is the content marketing specialist at Hive19, and manages the digital PR strategy for clients