Maxine Bremner

Head of Content & Outreach

Maxine is the content marketing specialist at Hive19, and manages the digital PR strategy for clients

Maxine’s career in marketing started at Bournemouth University where she developed her knowledge in Interactive Digital Media Design. Combining both theoretical and practical experiences, Maxine explored emerging platforms and enjoyed working at the cutting edge of advanced digital media production.

After an eye opening placement year working at a number of digital marketing, PR and SEO agencies, Maxine quickly established a passion for SEO and content marketing. Building a solid grounding of key principles, Maxine developed her skills in coding and creative software skills within animation, website builds, game development, and even created a social media app for iOS.

As one of the founders of Hive19, Maxine understands the nuances of sustainable authority growth online, with link building being a key component of any successful marketing strategy. After years of practising ethical link building and analysing the results of a more sustainable model, Maxine works closely with clients to help realise the potential and scope that link building can offer a wider marketing initiative.

Bringing a wealth of experience and an eye for combining data insights with creativity, Maxine helps brands achieve powerful, topically relevant backlinks that will improve the authority and reputation of their brand long-term.

With a deep understanding of the marketing industry and emerging trends within organic search, Maxine has always been insatiably curious about the effect of different online mediums on audiences. Her knowledge of link building best practices has led her to manage an exceptional team of industry writers at Hive19. Working closely with the writers, Maxine has successfully earned coverage on some of the most recognisable and authoritative publications within their respective niche.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Maxine has been instrumental in Hive19 partnering with Brighton based charities such as The Ledward Centre. With a passion for raising awareness of the communities’ need for inclusion and equality in the workplace, Maxine hopes to empower the next wave of marketing professionals by championing diversity and inclusion at the forefront of Hive19’s future growth.

Maxine aspires to create bespoke link building campaigns for some of the world’s largest SaaS brands including Notion, Ahrefs, Slack and HubSpot.


BA Hons - Digital Media Design

Link Building and Outreach (Advanced) Training