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Hive19 becomes Brighton Living Wage Employer

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Hive19 is proud to announce that it has joined the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign and is committed to paying our employees a living wage. Calculated and set independently by the Living Wage Foundation based on a range of economic factors, the living wage is based on the basic income a person needs to “live to a reasonable standard” in the UK

The campaign, launched in 2012, aims to encourage more businesses to voluntarily pay their workers a wage which reflects the current cost of living, rather than the national minimum wage set by government legislation.

The campaign was founded in 2011 by local councillor Bill Randall, in collaboration with then-president of the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce Julia Chanteray. After roughly a year of meetings to project how a living wage would impact local businesses and workers, the campaign hosted a “Big Debate” event which brought local business leaders together and encouraged them to voice their views directly. This gathering culminated in a vote where the Living Wage Campaign received an overwhelming endorsement by Brighton-based businesses.

More than a decade later, the campaign has enjoyed widespread adoption by businesses of all sizes, and includes over 800 signups. As a member, Hive19 will be joining some truly iconic brands with a presence in Brighton, including Brewdog, Brighton Dome, and Brighton & Hove Albion F.C.

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The importance of a living wage

Advocacy for a living wage above the government-mandated national minimum wage is nothing new, but with the cost of living crisis now affecting people across all income bands, demand for a real living wage that’s set independent of government guidelines is beginning to skyrocket.

Though the national minimum wage may be just enough for people to survive on, paying a living wage seeks to help people thrive, and lay the groundwork for a more cohesive and positive society.

By providing a living wage, employers can help their workers’ quality of life in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reducing the need to work extra hours so they can spend quality time with their friends and family.
  • Empowering workers to be able to build savings and investments, rather than living hand-to-mouth.
  • Diminishing the fear of not being able to afford basics like food, heat, and energy.

Aside from the basic ethical implications of providing employees with a living wage, there’s a whole host of ways this kind of commitment can benefit businesses too.

According to the Living Wage Foundation, a massive 93% of university students want to work for accredited employers who pay their workers above a legally mandated minimum, showing how a living wage commitment can help employers compete for the brightest and best talent as they leave full-time education.

A separate study reported that 90% of consumers believe wages should reflect the cost of living, showing how employers who voluntarily commit to providing a living wage can enjoy greater brand perception with all kinds of audiences.

Good for business and good for the people it employs, we hope to see many more businesses go out of their way to provide a living wage, and work towards a brighter future for working relationships.

At Hive19 we are passionate about ensuring our team is paid enough to enjoy the living standards they deserve, and apply the same ethical standards to all our projects. In addition to being a Living Wage Employer, we committed to being an inclusive workplace and are also members of BIMA, FSB and a climate action workforce. If you would like to know more about the career opportunities available here at Hive19, head over to our careers page.



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Louisa is Operations Director

and is the systems and processes specialist and the brains behind HiveRank®