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Hive19 becomes a member of BIMA

Hive19 becomes a member of BIMA

Hive19 is delighted to announce that we’ve become a member of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) the UK’s leading industry body representing the digital media industry.

BIMA, one of the world’s biggest non-profits dealing with our industry, works to promote all facets of the digital industry in Britain through hosting fantastic speaking events, running forward-thinking educational and social programs, and publishing insightful content like this piece by our Managing Director Aaron Thomas.

As a member of BIMA, Hive19 now stands alongside a large and diverse network of some of the best digital professionals and corporations in Britain.

Like other members, we’ll have access to BIMA’s gold-standard learning, development, and thought leadership content, BIMA councils and role-specific communities, and participation in their prestigious award ceremonies and conferences.

By tapping into this vast well of knowledge and innovation, we hope to make our services more effective and delight more clients than ever before.


About BIMA

Founded in 1985, BIMA holds the impressive accolade of being the first digital industry body formed anywhere in the world. Today, it’s the nation’s largest digital and tech collective by far, encompassing more than 5,000 tech professionals, marketers, creatives, strategists, and other stars of the sector.

From its humble beginnings, BIMA has made great strides in its work to share digital knowledge and best practices, recognise excellence within digital spaces, and support new generations of bright digital professionals looking to make their mark on the industry.

Although BIMA’s activities have touched every aspect of the wider digital industry, all of their actions are aligned to three key pillars of the digital industry:

Culture and sustainability: BIMA is a diverse, inclusive professional community, and use their unique position to drive positive social and environmental change wherever they can.

The body has its own sustainability council which runs monthly meetings on how those in the digital industry can work to mitigate the global climate crisis. They also manage their Green Pages content resource, which is dedicated to helping companies build greener digital products, and run a quarterly Net Zero course helping businesses offset their carbon footprint.

Skills gap: As a representative for the UK’s whole digital industry, BIMA has a number of programs that are intended to close the nation’s digital skills gap, encouraging more young people to pursue careers in the digital sphere.

Chief among these is Digital Day, where BIMA members are partnered with some 200 schools attended by 10,000 students, and deliver inspirational presentations about exciting digital careers.

Growth: BIMA has always had a strong focus on celebrating digital excellence and empowering their members for organisational success.

To further these goals, they run the annual BIMA Awards, celebrating the best digital projects of the past year with a rigorous judging process and a final shortlist reviewed by a panel of client judges. They also have an awards programme for individuals called the BIMA 100, which celebrates the achievements of 100 digital superstars, and explores their personal and professional journeys over the previous year.

Like BIMA, we have a passion for helping businesses of all sizes and backgrounds achieve excellence through effective and forward thinking work.

Alongside being members of BIMA, we are also members of the FSB and a Brighton & Hove Living Wage Employer as well as aiming to be an environmentally conscious agency. To explore how we can help get your brand in front of the right people through improved organic rankings, contact us today and find out more about our link building services.



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