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Hive19 becomes a member of FSB

FSB Member Hive19

Hive19 is delighted to announce that we’ve become a member of the Federation for Small Businesses (FSB), a UK based non profit that’s been furthering the interests of small enterprises for almost 50 years.

Founded in 1974, the FSB is a community of more than 150,000 small business leaders and self-employed individuals. The non profit is committed to campaigning for more favourable legislation and policies for small businesses across all industries, while providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

By joining the FSB, we’re looking to grow our professional network, optimise the routine processes that make our link building campaigns possible, and develop our skills and resources in order to give our clients better results and a higher standard of service.

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FSB membership

FSB membership is open to a variety of small businesses across marketing, agriculture, and crafts niches, ranging from self-employed individuals to burgeoning startups with big plans for the future.

Members can enjoy access to the FSB’s large and diverse community and invitations to its variety of virtual and in-person networking events, which some 82,000 business owners attended in 2022. FSB also maintains a web of representatives for its non-profit across the UK, which members can reach out to for advice or updates on local business opportunities.

Aside from the potential for learning in these networking opportunities, the FSB also offers a huge wealth of business guides, webinars, and other resources in their knowledge hub to help business owners develop the skills they need to succeed in their particular specialism.

For the cost of membership (which is adjusted depending on the size of the business joining) businesses also receive insurance for basic legal expenses and tax investigation protection, along with access to debt recovery specialists and exclusive deals on a range of B2B services.

The FSB’s campaigns

Since being founded almost half a century ago, the FSB has been at the centre of some of the most important policy changes that have helped keep entrepreneurship alive in the UK. As an active business campaigner, the organisation has maintained advocacy teams in all four countries of the UK, and kept pressure on policymakers to deliver changes that support small businesses.

By throwing their support into existing political initiatives, and spearheading many of their own, the FSB has worked tirelessly to secure policies that not only make it easier to start and run a business, but build a commerce environment that’s favourable to companies and consumers alike.

Some of the FSB’s biggest accolades include:

  • Successfully overturning a £2 billion tax hike that would have disproportionately affected self-employed individuals.
  • Securing a £57 million Brexit preparedness windfall for small businesses in Wales.
  • Spearheaded the #FairPayFairPlay campaign to reduce the incidence of late payments affecting small business owners.
  • >Helped campaign for a nine-year fuel duty freeze.
  • Campaigned for a capital fund worth £50 million to regenerate town centres across Scotland.

Small business support where you need it

As a growing agency, we at Hive19 love initiatives that make crucial support more accessible for solopreneurs and businesses across the UK.  Alongside membership of FSB we are also members of BIMA and are a Brighton and Hove Living Wage Employer.



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