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In the context of SEO, brand mentions are instances where a brand is referenced or mentioned on another website, social network, or another platform. Though brand mentions don’t necessarily always come with a backlink, they can still provide an indirect benefit for SEO campaigns by building brand awareness and social proof, developing your authority in a particular industry, and increasing the flow of organic traffic to your site.

When a brand is mentioned on an external, well reputed website, search engines recognize it as a signal of authority and relevance. As a result, a high volume of brand mentions can help to improve a brand’s search engine ranking, making it more visible to their target market.

How to Get Brand Mentions

There are a number of proven strategies companies can use to get more brand mentions online, including:

Building Relationships with Influencers: Building relationships with social media influencers with ties to a particular industry can be a hugely effective way to increase brand mentions. By working with influencers to create content or promote products, brands can increase awareness within their target market, and drive more traffic to their website.

Creating High Quality Content: Just like with general link building, creating high quality content that’s valuable, authoritative, and informative can help to increase the chances of getting brand mentions. When content is built to provide real value to a specific audience, other brands and influencers are more likely to share it, increasing the chances of new brand mentions.

Tracking Brand Mentions: Marketers can use social media monitoring tools and SEO platforms to track brand mentions across various platforms. This allows them to respond to mentions and engage with the public where conversations are happening about their brand, helping to improve customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of future mentions.

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Brand Mentions FAQs

Why are brand mentions important?

Though brand mentions don’t always come with backlinks, they are a valuable citation and can help to increase brand visibility and credibility, improve brand reputation and awareness, and indirectly stimulate traffic to the brand’s site or social media pages.

How do you get brand mentions?

You can get brand mentions by creating high quality content that people want to share, engaging with influencers and bloggers who may mention your brand in their content, participating in online conversations and communities related to your brand or industry, and monitoring social media or news mentions to find new opportunities for engaging with your audience.

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