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Navigational keywords are keywords that are used when a searcher is looking for a specific site, or a specific page within a site. Because of these parameters, navigational keywords almost always include a brand name.

Some basic navigational keywords examples include “contact Hive 19”, “Youtube”, and “Samsung careers”.

When a searcher uses navigational keywords, they typically have a fair amount of knowledge about the brand they’re interested in, and simply need to find a specific piece of information regarding that company.

Navigational Keywords SEO

One of the best things about navigational keywords is that they can be a great source of organic traffic, without requiring any serious work in terms of optimisation.

Because your brand name and product name or service type will typically appear in your page titles and content naturally, there’s a high chance your site is already perfectly well optimised for navigational keywords relevant to your brand.

Though you may already be near the top of the SERPs for many navigational keywords, it’s important not to ignore them completely. It’s a smart move for any SEO to research the navigational keywords that include their brand name, and make sure there’s no missed opportunities to attract organic content.

For example, if you notice the keyword “YourCompany CFO” has a lot of volume, but your “About Us” page focusses much more on your history and company philosophy rather than the people who actually work there, you may want to update the content on this page to better serve the intent of these searchers.

By searching for navigational keywords on your chosen keyword research tool, and using the trends you discover to inform your content, you can maximise the flow of organic traffic and ensure a more positive user experience for all segments of your audience.

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Navigational Keywords FAQs

What are navigational intent keywords?

Navigational intent keywords are keywords that combine a brand name and another descriptor, in order to navigate to a specific place within a specific website.

What is navigational intent?

Navigational intent is a type of searcher intent where the searcher is looking for a specific piece of content hosted by a specific company. When a searcher has navigational intent, they typically already have a decent knowledge of the brand they’re searching for, and are happy to bypass any educational content tied to the industry in question.

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