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Resource page link building is a link building technique that, as described, involves building links to a web page from relevant resource pages where similar websites or competitors are listed. By targeting well ranked and high traffic pages, the topical relevance and opportunity for traffic will be a highly beneficial link for the page.

Resource pages are web pages that provide information on a given subject, most commonly in a B2B context, and contain a list of links to other websites that offer additional content, tools, or information related to that topic. For instance, a resource page on “best digital marketing tools” may contain links to various websites that offer digital marketing tools.

Resource link building as a practice would involve research to identify relevant websites and then expert assessment to decipher the potential benefit of adding the domain that is to be referred within the page. Then, as with most digital PR practices – good old fashioned outreach and persuasion to convince webmasters why adding the link might be beneficial. Though it can be hard to earn these links, especially when it comes to the more authoritative and high-traffic resource pages, it can prove a valuable tactic for marketers and webmasters alike, as refreshing lists can often be of benefit to the publisher as well as the site being linked to.

Benefits of Resource Page Link Building

Adding resource page links from well regarded referring domains to your link building activity can be hugely beneficial in an SEO context, not only potentially helping to bring in more traffic – but also raising the topical relevance of the page being linked, to help increase rankings and fuel growth for the most desirable key terms.

Like with any kind of referring page, it’s important to remember that not all resource pages are created equal. With any resource page you set your sights on, it’s essential to vet them based on their authority metrics (domain authority, search traffic etc.), and to carry out a manual review so you can get a good idea of the domain’s E-E-A-T values.

Even relatively lesser known resource pages can be very discerning about the content they’ll link to, so make sure you’re not pouring too much time and effort into a referring page that won’t return much value to your campaign.

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Resource Page Link Building FAQs

What is resource page link building?

Resource page link building is a technique used in search engine optimisation (SEO) where marketers reach out to webmasters and request a link to their website be included on the resource page of the other website. The resource page usually contains links to several websites providing valuable information or tools to visitors.

How do you find resource backlink opportunities?

There are several ways to find resource page link building opportunities. One way is to use search operators to search for relevant resource pages on Google. Another way is to use popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz to analyse competitor backlinks for resource page referring domains in your niche.

Joining relevant online communities and networking with other webmasters can also be a good way to discover potential resource page link building opportunities.

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