Transactional Keywords

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Transactional keywords are keywords that allude to a searcher’s explicit intention to buy a product or pay for a service. These keywords are commonly targeted via product pages and PPC ads. Unlike informational keywords where words like “how”, “why” or “what” are used, transactional keywords are often, but not always, distinguished by verbs that show a clear intention to make a purchase, such as “buy”, “for sale”, “hire”, etc.

Some basic examples of transactional keywords include “thai delivery near me”, “buy unlocked phones online”, and “cheap non-stick cookware”.

Transactional keyword searches occur in the later stages of the buyer lifecycle, after a searcher has already done their research on a specific kind of product or service, and resolved that they want to pay for it. Because of this, they’re usually one of the most important keywords for people planning an ecommerce SEO strategy, or running a PPC campaign for any given product or service.

Optimising for Transactional Keywords

The most effective way to optimise your site for transactional keywords is by naturally including them in your site content in a logical format, usually “transactional verb” + your brand name or product.

This kind of transactional keywords example should only be restricted to pages where they’re likely to benefit a searcher’s browsing experience, such as on product detail pages, pricing pages, sign-up pages, etc. If someone lands on your site simply looking to educate themselves on your industry, and they’re suddenly inundated by hard sell language, it’s only going to stir up a negative view of your brand.

Even on the pages that are intended strictly for commerce, there’s a limit to the amount of transactional keywords you can use while ensuring a positive experience for your users.

To avoid keyword stuffing, use transactional keywords sparingly in places that won’t cause you to blow all your budget at once, such as the title and meta description, first few words of any body copy you use, and the anchors for internal links taking you to related pages, e.g “shop barbecue accessories”.

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Transactional Keywords FAQs

What are transactional intent keywords?

Transactional intent keywords are keywords that searchers use when they’re ready to exchange money for some kind of product or service, for example “buy barbecue accessories”, “shop merino sweaters”, “hire caterers near me”.

What is a transactional search?

A transactional search is a search carried out using a transactional keyword. In some instances, “transactional search” is used to distinguish a search with an explicit intention of making a purchase, rather than searches that use transactional keywords for the purpose of competitor research or other tasks.

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