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Branded Anchor Text

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Branded anchor text is anchor text that uses the name of the brand it’s linking to and nothing else, for example “Hive19”.

It’s commonly used to link to a brand’s homepage, as it lets readers know that when they click on the link they’ll be taken to a page where they can find out more about the brand. This is opposed to more specific exact match anchor text e.g “outsourced link building”, which alludes to a piece of content with a particular focus and purpose.

Branded anchor text is also commonly used to cite sources for quotes in a piece of content, e.g “Aaron Thomas of Hive19 says…”. This allows SEO professionals to maximise the equity passed through a backlink by contextualising it and framing the target page as an authoritative source of information.

Branded Anchor Text Best Practices

Like any kind of anchor text, it’s best practice to keep your branded anchor text succinct, specific, relevant, and to avoid a high density of keywords.

While branded anchor text does ensure a certain degree of relevance in your backlink profile, it isn’t the be all and end all of effective link building. As always, it’s essential to diversify the anchor text types that make up your backlink profile, ensuring that it appears natural and doesn’t show signs of manipulation.


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Branded Anchor Text FAQs

What is branded anchor text?

Branded anchor text is anchor text that uses the name of the brand it’s linking to.

What are some branded anchor text examples?

Branded anchor text uses the target site’s brand name and nothing else, for example “Hive19”, “Ahrefs”, “Coca-Cola”, “Netflix”.

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