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In SEO, a link profile is the list of backlinks that point to a particular website.

The overall quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a given website can have a major impact on its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), and achieving a strong link profile should be a key aim for any successful SEO campaign.

When developing a site’s backlink profile, SEO professionals aim to ensure that it contains a healthy balance of high quality, relevant, and diverse backlinks in order to improve its ranking.

How to Improve Your Link Profile

The work required to develop a strong link profile has a lot of overlap with building strong individual links. Here’s some of the methods you should use when looking to improve your link profile:

Aim for a natural balance: Having too many links from the same or similar sources will act as a red flag to Google and could be taken as a sign of link manipulation. Be sure to vary referring domains and niches in your link building campaigns as much as possible to develop a natural and diverse backlink profile.

Vary backlink anchor text: In the same vein, Google will see too much repetition of over optimised anchor texts as a sign of link manipulation. Make sure the links you build appear as natural as possible by avoiding too many keyword-rich anchors.

Create high quality content: High-quality content is essential for attracting natural backlinks from high-authority sources. Review your content calendar regularly to keep your content original, engaging, and valuable to your target audience.

Guest posting: Guest posting on relevant websites can help you build your site’s authority and earn backlinks from high quality sources.

Monitor and disavow toxic backlinks: Monitoring your backlink profile regularly and disavowing toxic backlinks can protect your website from losing authority or incurring penalties from Google.

Build relationships: Building relationships with industry influencers and bloggers can help you earn high quality backlinks from their sites and social media profiles.


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Link Profile FAQs

What is a good link profile?

A good link profile is one that has a diverse range of high quality and relevant backlinks from reputable sources. A good link profile also includes a mix of anchor texts, including branded and non branded anchor texts. A healthy link profile does not have any toxic or spammy backlinks.

What is a bad link profile?

A bad link profile is one that has a high number of spammy or low quality backlinks from irrelevant or low authority sources. A bad link profile may also have a high percentage of exact match anchor texts, which can look unnatural and trigger a penalty from search engines.

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