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Forum backlinks are any backlinks obtained through online discussion forums.

Forum backlinks are created by posting comments or replies on forum threads, along with a link to the website that the commenter wants to promote. These links can be included in the signature section of a profile, or within the content of the post.

Though forum backlinks can be either dofollow or nofollow, those sourced from the most sought after and authoritative forums tend to be nofollow as a matter of site policy.

Are Forum Backlinks Worth It?

Forum backlinks are a staple of early SEO tactics, allowing marketers to quickly and easily raise the volume of referring domains to a website or webpage. The evolution of search engine algorithms has decreased the value of forum links somewhat, meaning the activity has decreased as an avenue to raise authority. Though they’re an easy way to generate links quickly, and can help to drive organic traffic to a website, many forum backlinks tend to be low quality and in some cases can be slightly spammy, which search engines would most likely ignore.

In the early days of SEO, forum backlinks were considered a legitimate tactic, and many webmasters even followed strategies where forum link building was their primary method of link building. These days, however, Google’s algorithm is much more sophisticated, and puts much less weight behind these methods.

Though forum backlinks can be useful when the authority and relevance of the referring site is up to scratch, it’s important to remember not to use them excessively or in an inappropriate way. To avoid this, forum backlinks should be used strategically and sparingly, and should only be obtained from high quality forums that are relevant to your site’s niche.

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Forum FAQs

What is forum marketing in SEO?

In the context of SEO, forum marketing refers to using online discussion forums as a marketing channel to promote a business. This involves participating in debates and discussions, answering people’s questions, and sharing valuable content to develop a brand’s credibility and authority. The goal of forum marketing is to generate traffic and backlinks to the website, thereby improving its search engine ranking and online presence.

What is forum backlink building?

Forum backlink building involves creating backlinks to a website by participating in online discussion forums, usually by posting original threads or replies on forums, along with a link to the website that the commenter wants to promote. Forum backlinks can be either dofollow or nofollow, though the more authoritative sources tend to be the latter. It’s important to note that sites that lean too heavily on forum backlink building run the risk of being deemed a spam site.

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