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HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

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HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a platform used for collating information from topic experts that reporters and journalists can cite in their content. HARO backlinks are links obtained by contributing to media outlets such as news sites, blogs, and industry journals through the HARO platform.

Because HARO is set up specifically to help media professionals link up with trusted sources and industry experts, this form of link building offers a unique opportunity to acquire high quality backlinks from sources that emphasise quality and authority, and a way to maximise your chances of building sustainable, long term quality from your link building efforts.

How HARO Backlinks Work

HARO works by connecting journalists and bloggers with subject matter experts who can provide insights, quotes, and unique opinions for their stories. Users can sign up for an account using both free and paid plans, and subscribe to daily email updates which collate queries from journalists and bloggers.

To obtain HARO backlinks, webmasters and SEOs monitor HARO queries regularly, and pitch responses to relevant queries with a unique and informative response. If the reporter finds this response useful, they may feature it in their article and credit the contributor with a link back to their website.

Though HARO links have a high bar for entry and can be difficult to obtain, they tend to offer a high return on this effort, as they usually provide quality links from authoritative referring domains. Aside from sending positive E-E-A-T signals to Google, HARO backlinks also help businesses to stimulate traffic, showcase their expertise, and develop their brand’s reputation as an expert source.

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HARO (Help A Reporter Out) FAQs

What does HARO stand for?

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s a popular platform for media professionals that connects journalists and bloggers with subject matter experts to provide insights, opinions, and quotes for their stories.

Who uses HARO?

HARO is used by journalists, bloggers, and subject matter experts who are looking to connect with each other to create informative and engaging content. Businesses interested in developing their backlink profile can also use a HARO link building service from a reputable HARO link building agency to build links from authoritative websites.

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