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Majestic Link Graph was introduced in 2020, giving link builders and SEOs a new way to visualise the immediate map of links surrounding a website or URL.

By the very nature of the internet, links and link networks are everywhere. Many of them are benign, as Majestic state, such as footer links within corporate subsidiaries or a single website translated into many languages. However, some networks are not so innocent and are designed to manipulate search rankings. These are known as private blog networks (PBNs), and fall under the black hat tactics that white hat link builders avoid at all costs. Due to their malicious intent, PBNs are not always easy to spot and are designed to appeal to marketers for commercial gain.

The Link Graph, therefore is a highly useful tool for marketers to quickly get a real time analysis of the top 50 websites that point to a domain or URL. It considers the four tiers stipulated by Majestic (1-4), collecting the top links within each and then calculates which are linking to each other. Whilst the tool is insightful and accurate to a degree, it does not consider all network possibilities, and Majestic provides no guarantee that it is all encompassing. It does however provide an instant insight into the top external links (or lack thereof) that surrounds a website or URL – which in conjunction with other authority metrics can be a vital component in the decision making for link acquisition.

The static image provided by the Link Graph is made up of red dots and dark lines – where the dots are websites or URLs, and the dark lines are the links that connect them. The size of the red dot depicts the Trust Flow of the referring domain, while the lighter dots and lines show links that are farther away from the domain in question.

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Majestic Link Graph FAQs

What is a good ratio for link graph?

Majestic suggests that a ratio of 1, or a little over 1 is usually healthy. When the link graph ratio edges closer to 2 or even above that it suggests that there is a proximity to a network and should be investigated.

The black ‘splodges’ that you see on the graph make it visually apparent where the closely linked sites are connected to your domain.

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