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Off page SEO covers any SEO actions which occur outside of your own website, and works in tandem with on-page SEO to maximise the chances of climbing the ranks on SERPs.

Although off page SEO was once used to refer to link building and nothing else, there are a wide variety of off-site ranking factors which can have a significant impact on a site’s potential to rank.

The one thing all off page SEO has in common is that it involves a platform other than your own site, unlike on-page SEO methods like optimising titles and meta descriptions.

Off Page Link Building

The most prevalent and widely known off page SEO technique is off page link building. Building links is so much a part of off-page SEO, that for a long time “link building” and “off page SEO” were used interchangeably.

Off page SEO backlinks generally fall into three main categories:

Natural Links: Links that are generated by outside sources naturally when another webmaster decides to link to some content on your site. For example, if you’re running a graphic design agency and a marketing journal links to your gallery that exhibits an emerging design trend.

Manual Links: Links that are generated via manual link building activities such as guest-posting or motivating influencers to share your content.

Self-Created Links: Links that are made yourself on a referring domain that’s generally not under your control, for example adding listings to directories, comment signatures, forums, and press releases.

Aside from link building, off page SEO can refer to guest blogging and thought leadership, social media and influencer marketing, and nurturing brand citations (both linked and unlinked).

While not all of these are strictly focussed on building links to a target site, they’re all done with the aim of creating new references to your site or brand from platforms that are outside of your control.

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Off Page SEO FAQs

What is difference between off-page and on-page SEO?

While on-page SEO refers to SEO techniques that are restricted to your own site and platforms you have control over, such as internal linking and optimising pages for targeted keywords, off-page SEO refers to any SEO that happens outside your site.

Why Is off-page SEO Important?

Off-page SEO builds references to your site which will show search engines and users that your site is providing value to other parties. When your site shows a lot of endorsements and citations from outside sources, it sends quality signals to search engines which improve its chances of ranking.

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