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On page SEO, sometimes called on site SEO, refers to any SEO actions that take place on a site you control, as opposed to off page SEO methods like link building. keyword optimisation, internal linking, and assigning alt tags to images are all examples of on page SEO.

Aside from structuring content in a way that makes it easy for search engines to understand, on page SEO seeks to build a positive user experience for site visitors and resolve their search queries. Both of these aims work to make a site or page more valuable in the eyes of search engines, thereby making it easier to improve your SEO ranking.

On Page SEO Best Practices

On page SEO covers can cover many different elements and variables on a website. Here are some of the key best practices that all SEOs should be aware of:

  • Using keyword optimised title tags
  • Writing descriptive and compelling meta descriptions to improve clickthrough
  • Naturally including keywords in highly relevant content
  • Organising content with header tags that make it easy for humans and crawlers to understand
  • Internal linking with relevant anchor text
  • Well written and engaging content that’s intended to provide tangible value to the target audience

Though on page SEO is exceedingly important for effective SEO, it needs to be used in conjunction with off-page SEO for the best possible results.

When planning and executing your on page SEO, be sure to consider how this will affect your link building and other off page SEO efforts, and frame on page optimisation as one part of a larger strategy.

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On Page SEO FAQs

What are on page SEO best practices?

On page SEO best practices can cover a great many elements and variables on a website. Some of the most important on page best practices are writing keyword optimised title tags, compelling meta descriptions, and structuring content with header tags to make it easy for both humans and bots to understand it.

What is onsite SEO?

Onsite SEO is another term for on page SEO, which refers to any SEO strategies and methods that focus on site elements that the SEO controls. These include things like keyword and user experience optimisation, and excludes off page SEO tactics like link building and influencer marketing.

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