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We are Hive19, a Link Building Agency that delivers

As a trusted partner to some of the UK’s top startups and brands, Hive19 is a link building agency built on reputation. Founded in 2020, we’re a small team that proudly earns coverage for respected Fintech & SaaS brands, and whitelabels for leading SEO firms.

At the core of Hive19 is a dedicated research team, building bespoke link building and Digital PR campaigns that align with your SEO strategy. We are not a full service agency, our sole focus is building authority to improve rankings and drive traffic to your desired landing pages.

Improving Rankings, Increasing Traffic

SEO Managers and Agency Owners rely on us, and we deliver. With a data driven, quality-led approach to content marketing and link building services, we understand how to provide a return on investment. Our targeted backlink and outreach campaigns drive trust and authority to websites, earning natural, topically relevant links from leading industry publications.

With Hive19’s Ultimate Campaign, SEO Managers can maintain control of brand exposure in new markets, executing your SEO strategy to earn coverage from the highest level of publishers. We look after the off-page aspects, building authority and topical relevance - allowing you to focus on technical SEO.

Agency owners love our white label link building, relying on us as an accountable member of the team for the client project. Guaranteeing deliverables means agencies can benefit from Digital PR campaigns that in-house teams simply don’t have the time or resources to achieve.

Results That Matter

We track everything in our exclusive Hive19 Ranking system - before, during and after each publication goes live. Tracking growth and monitoring trends allows every bespoke-built campaign to be carefully crafted using data, expertise and creativity. The HiveRank system analyses over 45 metrics from every site and every publication each month, ensuring campaigns are built to achieve maximum impact.

How It Works
how it works

What is a link building agency?


Hive19 is an extension of your digital marketing team, bringing focused exposure to your brand, website and landing page. We are an experienced team of creative digital marketers with a deep understanding of website authority, and a well connected network of professional writers & journalists. Working with clients all over the world, we’re proud to run topically relevant, country-specific campaigns that continue to deliver spectacular results month on month.

Earning coverage from the types of website that will make a difference is bespoke to each client, publisher and industry. Authority is the result of creating value for everyone: the third party website, the readers – and ultimately, your website.

Every month we: identify and assess over 25,000 websites in the HiveRank system; send over 10,000 emails and employ professional writers to create hundreds of unique editorials, naturally referencing client landing pages. Our process is intricate and complex, but our focus is simple: driving targeted traffic through building topically relevant authority.

Our Content & Link Building Services


Growing your online presence by earning links from highly relevant, authoritative publishers. Our link building services drive targeted traffic to your website, to build your authority for improved search results and rankings.


Intricately auditing the individual aspects of your profile to ensure authority can be built or improved. Studying the landscape and online competitors in order to design an industry specific, data-driven roadmap to grow your presence online.


Managing your backlink profile - around the clock. We don’t leave anything to chance, from unlinked brand mentions and broken links, to suspicious dips in metrics, we act quickly to maintain your profile’s growth.


Capturing your business whilst captivating your audience. Our writers create in-depth, thought provoking blog posts that your target audience notices. Thoroughly researched and expertly written to connect with your clients.


Creating unique content that speaks directly to your target market, whilst positioning your business to be found online. Our bespoke content is expertly crafted to showcase your product or service pages in style.


Thoroughly researched, finely balanced and beautifully presented - our content resource guides are thought-provoking and packed full of information. Expertly crafted to attract authoritative backlinks from relevant publications in your industry.

Our Link Building Agency Work


Predominantly, we are a link builders. However, this is not to be confused with shady black hat low level spam tactics. We are data driven, and seek to create value for the three parties involved: the publisher, the audience and the client referenced. With creative precision, we create campaigns that are 100% white hat, and we’re proud to share every publication with our clients. Our ideal client is an SEO Manager with a deep understanding of the industry, and a desire to grow the authority of their brand

Success is measured in many ways, but ultimately, it is about increasing targeted traffic. Our campaigns seek to raise topical relevance, increase authority and drive organic rankings – as well as raising the profile of your business to increase traffic from multiple avenues. Tracking different authority metrics, we are proud to share the impact we’ve made on client websites and the results we have achieved together. In the last quarter alone, the average increase across all measurable metrics was 21%.

Our Work

We are very proud of the impact made on our clients’ websites and the results we have achieved.

Tracking over 40 authority metrics for client websites and every link we’ve ever built, we are proud to share that the last quarter our clients’ average authority metrics increased by 21%.

Our Services

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Organic Keywords


Domain Score


Why are Companies Choosing Hive19?

As a UK based link building agency, Hive19 supports brands with their digital marketing strategy. We work closely with SEO Managers at Fintech, SaaS and big brands to consult on the Digital PR strategy, and execute the most impactful campaigns to bring return on investment - earning coverage from the most relevant, high authority websites in each industry.

Our campaigns speak for themselves, with an average 32% uplift in traffic and an average 20% increase in authority metrics across all clients. However, it’s not just the result that counts - but how we got there. Our shared workspace is designed to encourage crystal clear communication, whilst our Ultimate Campaigns allow for sign off of both editorials and publishing websites. According to many of our clients, this level of collaboration, expertise and quality of work is unique to our link building agency.

Agency owners trust Hive19 to deliver the highest standard of publications for their clients, and support their full service SEO package. The shared workspace keeps track of every deliverable, meaning working together beyond the initial discovery phase is a hands-off, guaranteed win for end clients. If you are an agency owner looking to outsource and would like guaranteed deliverables, expert campaign execution and increased authority and traffic for your clients - get in touch today to find out more.

expert content


exceptional publisgers


tailored service


profile management


guaranteed deliverables


dedicated reaserch


Hive19 were good enough to help out with a recent charity project in Brighton. Within days of the new website going live the team had tracked down some opportunities of high authority backlinks for the charity (from other related and relevant websites). A big Thank You goes out to Aaron and his team for their support with this project.

- Ricci Masero | White Rabbit Consultancy

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