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Ahrefs Rank (AR)

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Ahrefs Rank, or AR, is a metric showing how well a given site ranks based on the strength of its backlink profile. It shows the position of a given site within a ranking system covering every site in the Ahrefs index, meaning it can range anywhere from 1 to a number in the millions. A page’s Ahrefs Rank can be checked for free, by entering its URL into Ahrefs’s Website Authority Checker.

While AR is tracked on a much larger scale than Ahrefs Domain Rating, the two metrics have a strong correlation with each other. Because Ahrefs Rank is calculated based on the number and quality of links pointing to a given site, an increase in a site’s DR often (but not always) translates into an increase in AR.

Though Ahrefs Rank is a method of ranking all pages in a large index, and is calculated using many of the same principles as PageRank, it doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation to the way Google ranks websites. This is mainly because Google’s algorithm draws on a much wider array of factors when ranking crawled sites compared to the Ahrefs Rank system. Having said that, if a site has a higher Ahrefs Rank than another site in the same niche, it will tend to rank higher on average for targeted keywords.

It’s important to remember that Ahrefs is crawling new domains all the time, and therefore Ahrefs Rank should be kept in the context of the huge pool of sites it exists within.

Ahrefs Rank can be helpful for tracking the strength of your domain’s backlink profile against competitor sites, and getting a quick, at a glance idea of your site’s organic performance compared to other brands in the same industry. Having said that, its ever changing scale, and the sheer number of sites included in the Ahrefs index, means it shouldn’t be used on its own for decision making in your link building. For a clearer picture of your backlink profile’s strength, and a reliable indicator for your link building strategy, AR should be used in conjunction with other metrics such as Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR).

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Ahrefs Rank (AR) FAQs

Why has my Ahrefs Rank score changed when I haven't lost any backlinks?

Ahrefs Rank is a relative metric, showing the strength of your domain relative to the millions of other domains on its index. This means that events like another site gaining quality backlinks, or a new site being crawled and added to the Ahrefs index, can lower your site’s AR.

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