Commercial Intent Keywords

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Commercial intent keywords are keywords that show an intention by searchers to find a particular product or service, for example “best link building services”. These provide a golden opportunity to convert searchers into potential customers. Website owners can target commercial intent keywords either by optimising the page of the product the searcher is looking to buy, or by using a variety of content such as how to articles, buyers’ guides, and product or service reviews.

Searchers use commercial keywords when they want to know more or discover new information about a particular service or product. For instance, they use commercial keywords when they want to understand the features of a given product, or compare similar products and services.

Why Keyword Intent is Important

Keyword intent helps webmasters and SEOs understand exactly what a user is looking for when they use search engines. A good understanding of keyword intent can be a major factor in keeping your content relevant and effective for your SEO strategy. Understanding the reasoning behind what a user enters into search engines for will help you tailor content to those wants and needs, leading to better user engagement and experiences.

When content is more relevant and effective on search engines, it leads to stronger CTRs (click through rates), while keeping more searchers on a page and reducing the website bounce rate. When a website has a reduced bounce rate, it sends a positive quality signal to search engines like Google, potentially increasing the chances that it will achieve higher rankings.

Careful consideration of keyword intent when you’re strategising content will help you attract as much traffic as possible, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It will also positively affect the user experience (UX), authority, and relevance on search engines.

By tailoring your keyword optimisation around the various kinds of intent searchers use to find brands like yours, you’ll maximize the likely entry points to your site and supercharge your relevance to search queries with a relation to your business niche.

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Commercial Intent Keywords FAQs

What are commercial intent keywords?

Commercial intent keywords are any keywords which exhibit a clear intention to either purchase a product or service, or educate themselves further on a certain kind of product or service. Examples include “best broadband providers” or “iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy”.

Why is keyword intent important?

Keyword intent is an important concept to understand in SEO, as it gives site owners and content marketers a good starting point to build content and resources that their audience is looking for. When a site is optimised around keyword intent, it’s more likely to enjoy a higher click through rate, a lower bounce rate, and better engagement.

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