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Naked Anchor Text

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Naked anchor text refers to anchor text that displays its link’s target URL. The anchor text is described as naked because there’s no separate anchor text hiding the URL, and the destination of the URL is clearly visible to readers before they click on it. They’re most commonly seen in the form of source citations at the bottom of articles, or in user-generated content on social media platforms and forums.

Though naked anchors are one of the rarer forms of anchor text, there are still situations where they’re the most logical choice for a certain piece of content. In these situations, it’s best to make sure the text surrounding naked anchor text provides plenty of context as to what the link is referring to. This will give Google’s crawlers more of an idea about the link’s topical relevance to both the referring page and the target page.

Although this will have a relatively minor impact on the way Google perceives the link, and won’t have nearly the same effect as including keywords and contextual phrases in the anchor text itself, it should still be considered best practice when you opt to use naked anchors.

Overall, because naked anchor text doesn’t give crawlers or users a lot of context about the link, and can risk disrupting the user experience, they should generally be avoided outside of cases where they’re a widely accepted format, such as in citations or when they’re directing users to a homepage.

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Naked Anchor Text FAQs

What is naked anchor text?

Naked anchor text is anchor text that displays its link’s target URL in full, for example It provides little SEO value compared to branded or keyword optimised anchor text.

What is difference between hyperlink and anchor text?

While hyperlink refers to the actual HTML element used by web users to navigate from one page to another, anchor text refers to the visible text that users click on to activate the link.

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