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Link velocity refers to the rate at which external websites link to a target site, and in turn, how quickly search engines register these new links and factor them into their ranking algorithms. Link velocity, among various other variables in the way new backlinks are created, helps Google and other search engines determine the authority and relevance of a website.

Link velocity is often measured by the number of backlinks a website receives over a specific time period, eg “X links per week”. This metric can provide valuable insights into a website’s link building strategy and the effectiveness of its SEO efforts.

The Importance of Link Velocity

Link velocity’s potential to influence organic rankings is important to understand for any SEO. A high link velocity, meaning a sudden surge in backlinks, can be interpreted by search engines as a sign that a website is engaging in manipulative or spammy link building practices. A slow and steady increase in backlinks, on the other hand, is indicative of a more natural accumulation of links, and can help to contribute to a healthier looking backlink profile and stronger organic rankings.

It’s important to note that link velocity and penalisation is only something to worry about if previous SEO efforts have seen you gaining links through spammy or manipulative link building tactics. If you take appropriate steps to ensure that your link building campaigns are ethical and hold strictly to white hat SEO methods, link velocity’s impact on your trust and authority should not be an issue.

Outside of being a benchmark for your SEO’s legitimacy, link velocity can be a useful metric for identifying patterns and trends in a website’s link building strategy, as well as for monitoring the impact of SEO efforts over time. By monitoring link velocity and adjusting your strategy accordingly, website owners and SEO professionals can work to steadily improve a website’s search engine rankings and overall visibility online.


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Link Velocity FAQs

What is link velocity?

Link velocity refers to the speed at which backlinks are acquired by a website. It is a metric used in search engine optimisation (SEO) to measure the rate at which external websites link to a particular website.


Is link velocity important?

By carefully monitoring and adjusting link building strategies, webmasters can work to improve their website’s search engine rankings and online visibility over time.


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